bankruptcy.  The decision was taken to move the plants to a financially stable organization before all the money was gone.

     This huge undertaking will be expensive.  If you have been to the Gardens in the past and were awed by its beauty and its scope, please consider helping us save all of the collection by making a tax deductible donation to the Wallace Desert Gardens.  Should you decide to help, please send your check to:

             Wallace Desert Gardens
                30600 N. Pima, #56
               Scottsdale, AZ  85266  


     If you have any questions, call Executive Director Lee Brownson at 480-488-8003.

Moving to Boyce Thompson Arboretum

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      The Wallace Gardens leadership is excited to announce that the future of the extraordinary collection of arid land plants created by H.B. and Jocelyn Wallace has been assured. Over the next several years, we hope to move the vast majority of the specimen plants in the garden to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum (BTA), located on the outskirts of Superior, Arizona.

     Our decision to select the Arboretum as our collections new home was based on the needs of the plants. The environment they will experience is wetter by 50% and cooler, especially at night when the plants enjoy relief from the scorching Arizona sun. The elevation is very close to the same and, counter-intuitively, hard freezes over the past eight years have been less severe.  than in Metro Phoenix. They will flourish at the Arboretum!

       We believe that BTA’s location is

one of the most dramatic settings for a botanical garden in all of the world.  Nestled at the base of Pick Post Mountain, the backdrops for the plants are spectacular.   Acknowledging the importance of the Wallace collection, BTA is preparing an entirely new trail hosting the Wallace plants.
     There is one unfortunate consequence to this move. Due to construction hazards, access to most of the Gardens will be severely limited. 

     Our move to the Gardens was a result of the financial crisis that started in 2008.  Extremely low interest rates resulted in a declining income from the endowment left by the Wallace family. Less income meant that we have been forced to spend funds in the endowment for operating expenses, a situation which creates a spiral that ultimately can lead to